To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Emerson

There’s something quite funny about the shower. How it sparks up ideas. Yesterday I was thinking how good it feels to be able to dress how I want to dress. And see something in the shop that I generally like and put it together with what ever I want. That’s fearless. In a world with a thousand judgmental eyes. And two thousand criticising opinions. If I’m being totally honest. It was never this easy for me. Actually it is so easy to lose yourself. Or never even having the chance to know what you like or what you don’t like. Because of peer pressure. Or bullying. These sort of things affect us deeply. And follow us throughout our future. I went through a life of not really having a life. Phase after phase. Follow fashion worshiper. What ever society was wearing or doing. I was sure to be wearing and doing exactly the same. That was comfort for me. But at the same time. Emotionally damaging. 2 years ago I moved away from the society I had always known. And into a new one. It was the best thing I’ve ever done…for me. Though things didn’t change immediately. It was a new step in the right direction. I went to the doctors and addressed how I feel. And was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I felt good knowing the doctors are there to help. And not to judge. I also started therapy. And it was like looking at a blank canvas that was myself. Having family support that gives me the time to heal. Get to know who I am and what I am about. Discovering what I like and don’t like. Finding my talent. Everyone has a talent. Even if you can’t see it. It’s there somewhere. You just have to look. And that is what makes us Individual.

Dejah Harrison xxxx


About beachblondemingey

I like dogs more than most people. I'd rather bark with my dog than talk with an ignoramus.
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