one pretty face stands out in a crowd of billions of other pretty faces.


Sex. Sexual relationships. One night stands. Love and commitment. There are so many ways to be close with another. I guess there are no right or wrong in this. Who are we to judge? It’s whatever makes US happy. That is what’s important.

Saturday just gone I went to see Rod Stewart for the second time this year at the O2 arena. I went from second row to being up in the Gods. Normally I would of felt a little degraded (ha ha) but I wasn’t. I saw things from a completely different perspective. I could see crowds of people fighting over the footballs Rod was famously kicking out. Rod singing sailing. Pretty lights twinkling all around the arena. Then he sang one of my favourites. “The first cut is the deepest” I closed my eyes and it was a beautiful moment. I looked around and thought to myself how precious and beautiful it is to love one person in this big old world. To enjoy looking into one pair of eyes more than anything in this world. This is what warms my heart. The fact that one pretty face stands out in a crowd of billions of other pretty faces. That one subtle voice can make one so nervous in a room full of screaming people.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to sharing happiness with another person. If it warms both of your hearts. It is what it is. Love is love. And no gender. Age. Distance. Differences can get in the way.



About beachblondemingey

I like dogs more than most people. I'd rather bark with my dog than talk with an ignoramus.
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