One glance can change everything. One smile can lead to anything.

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” ― Arrigo Boito.


Growing up as a teenager was tough when it came to the “love” department. I found myself in a few experimental situations. At the time I thought that was the thing to do.
I then found myself desperate for a relationship. Any relationship. Looking back. It was the relationship I loved and nothing to do with the person. I guess it felt good to be in a relationship and have everybody else admire “us” but deep inside I wasn’t happy. Nothing ever worked out.
After a long period of dating and lots of ups and downs. I went to church. I started a heartwarming journey. Learning to love myself. Learning to accept who I am. And what I like. Learning to be happy and single. To sort my life out. And if I could do that. Maybe someone else could love me too.
When you stop desperately searching constantly for someone. You may never see it. It becomes so frustrating. You end up looking everywhere and anywhere. Try and learn to go places that give you peace and positivity. To enjoy your life. To fulfil your life. To enjoy work. Hobbies. Friends. Family. Be content and thankful for what you have right now. Feel the happiness right now. Stop searching for what you don’t have yet. Believe me. It will happen. You’ll find that special person to share your life with. You might not recognise them because maybe that’s what you was expecting. Or maybe this person will be the lost puzzle piece that fits your heart completely. One glance can change everything. One smile can lead to anything…



About beachblondemingey

I like dogs more than most people. I'd rather bark with my dog than talk with an ignoramus.
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